How to be a Gift Maker

How to be a Gift Maker

by A. Scott White, CFP®, ChFC, CLU

I was honored to be part of the recent Gift Makers photo and newsletter article with the Southwest Florida Community Foundation (SWFLCF). They are using the term Gift Maker for those who make gifts happen or create other charitable opportunities to benefit our community. I’ve been part of the SWFLCF for more than 10 years as a trustee and now a senior advisor. However, when it comes to the title of Gift Maker I hope I’ve been doing that here in Southwest Florida, both personally as well as through the work with my clients, since 1993 when I moved to Ft. Myers.

Financial planning goes beyond caring for your loved ones. It extends into your community and your causes. At Scott White Advisors we develop strategies in partnership with our clients that support the organizations that reflect their belief systems. Through the process, we can help ensure that their giving reaches the desired organizations for the greatest, lasting impact.
I often get asked why philanthropic giving is part of our comprehensive financial planning process. I believe most people who have achieved much of anything in life, realize they had some help on the way toward their achievement, and helping people learn the best gifting strategies to help pay it back is appreciated. Others truly care about our community and want it to be a better place and have a desire to help others. These people might see philanthropic giving as an opportunity to support the causes they care about and see gifting as a way to share their legacy with future generations. There are many strategies we can explore but first we find out the desired goal and causes near to a client’s heart.

For example, planned giving is a way to leave a philanthropic legacy and support charities with a major gift made during your lifetime or at death. Depending on the size of your estate, there are limitations on how much you can leave to your heirs. Planned giving, as part of a comprehensive financial plan, can help ensure your wealth goes to where you determine it is most needed and in the most efficient manner.
There are many strategies that we utilize to help our clients better our community, but each is customize to the client’s desires and goals and can not be determined without the proper planning process.

We don’t just help clients with philanthropy at Scott White Advisors. Philanthropy is part of my personal commitment to the community as well through my own planned giving goals as well as my current work with SWFLCF, HOPE Clubhouse, and the Fort Myers Rotary Club. Please let us know how we can help you create and reach your philanthropy goals.

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