Summer 2018 3

We had a great Shadow Day visit with Chad Scott was one of many Rotarians parking cars at Jazz on tbc Green Moran, senior finance major at Florida in Ft. Myers to benefit The Make-a-Wish Foundation. Pictured are Gulf Coast University. Hess also a umversity fellow Fort Myers Rotary Club members Ian Keith, Kevin Lewis, ambassador, honors mentor and student Scott, Fred Anderson, Mark Stichter and Mark Vincent. assistant. During his visit we focused on eom- prehensive financial planning- At the annual «Experts Speak” event, Scott is Scott and his wife, Adrianna, attended Hope Clubhouse’s Holiday pictured here with Jordan Greenhouse, Portfolio Greer event recognizing its supporters. Here are Dottie Pachariss Specialist for Rayne Anderson Rudnick Invest- secretary of Hope Clubhouse, Scott and Adrianna. Scottis cur- ment Management, who discussed “Is Small rently serviog as the nonprofit’s board chair. Beautiful?”. Please omit mention of the specific fund. Such mention triggers the need for FINRA filling.